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Continental Tires Launches First “Green Plant Day” in Hefei

Source: Time:2016-07-10 20:55:18 views:

The leading global tire manufacturer, Continental Tires, has recently launched its first “Green Plant Day” at the company’s Hefei plant. During the two-day event, more than 1,000 employees learned more about Continental Tires’ long-term pursuit of sustainable development, its unrelenting commitment to environmental protection, and its current accomplishments in these areas, through a series of interactive sessions and exhibitions. Meanwhile, Continental Tires encouraged employees to actively give their feedback and suggestions so that the company and its staff can work toward a greener future together.

In today’s world where environmental issues have increasingly moved to the forefront of public concern, the traditional tire manufacturing industry is facing a series of completely new challenges. With this in mind, Continental Tires has worked to rise above the high quality products for which it is world-renowned, and also become an industry leader in utilizing innovative and cutting-edge technologies. In searching for a viable path that caters to sustainable development and environmental protection, Continental Tires has taken advantage of numerous new innovative ideas and set the benchmark for the industry.

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